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Clean Rooms Plus Solutions Pharmaceutical development environments
The clean room requirements adhered to by most pharmaceutical development, research, and manufacturing facilities are complex and dynamic, in some cases changing frequently. Pharmaceutical organizations are determined to ensure the highest-quality production environment to guarantee product safety and have their own set of strict standards—while other requirements are put in place by Health Canada to establish even more stringent safeguards. Compliance with the latter is a basic requirement for any pharmaceutical business.

Providing sterile surfaces is yet another substantial component in creating a germ-free environment. Clean Rooms Plus offers a wide range of stainless steel surfaces, from countertops to furniture, as well as cabinetry and scrub sinks. We utilize only the highest quality stainless steel to ensure full cleanliness and legislative compliance. We also have all the products needed to brighten your facility with our superior lighting solutions. We carry a cutting-edge line of LED light fixtures that deliver exceptional brightness and light distribution to help eliminate glare or hot spots. With assorted sizes and LED colour temperature selection, our lighting systems are fully customizable to your organization’s unique needs.

Our team is committed to the design and construction of customized spaces to suit the most challenging needs of pharmaceutical companies like yours. Contact us now to learn more about our product and service offerings.


Clean Rooms Plus Solutions Food Production
In the fast-paced food industry, a primary concern across any facility is cross-contamination. Due to the fact that not every stage of food packaging can be executed within a completely contained machine, products can be susceptible to pollutants while in open air. As we’ve seen with outbreaks of harmful bacteria at several food-production facilities across North America in recent years, one incident of contamination can derail a company’s operations for months—or even risk a complete business shutdown. In order to conform to FDA and Health Canada regulations and standards, the food industry is entirely reliant on sanitary rooms to overcome the many food production challenges they face. Providing sterile surfaces can also be a substantial component in producing fresher products with extended shelf life. Our custom-designed clean rooms not only offer sound construction tailored to the specific layout of your facility, but our systems and components help avoid cross-contamination from other areas of the building. At the same time, our innovative lighting products are the first line of defence in detecting dirt and dust, allowing employees to properly maintain the cleanliness of their workspaces. If yours is like most organizations, you probably need to build a clean room within tight budget constraints. Rest easy. Our team is adept at adhering to rigid budgets while still achieving outstanding results. That means you can expect on-time, on-budget clean room delivery and support—every time


Clean Rooms Plus Solutions for E-LIQUIDS
Just as the cannabis industry has seen a complete overhaul of growing regulations in recent years, the vaping and e-juicing industry is undergoing many changes due to the newly established regulations enacted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May, 2016. Until recently, the manufacturing of e-liquids was largely ungoverned, creating the potential for widespread contamination of these increasingly popular products. These new regulations will largely mirror those governing the food industry, with a focus on the sanitization of preparation areas and the regular decontamination of all surfaces. To help e-liquid manufacturers meet these new requirements, we offer a wide variety of wall panels in Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), with an assortment of cores. Through our more than 20 years of experience in supplying and constructing clean rooms, we’ve learned a great deal about the common challenges that can hamper the success of organizations across industries. When manufacturing e-juice, bacterial contamination is a chief concern, as the natural ingredients used in the process can easily be tainted when exposed to excess moisture. Optimal for any room that demands regular or thorough cleaning and is frequently subjected to moisture, our FRP panels combined with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core are a winning solution. By utilizing the EPS Core, you can manage another crucial aspect of your production—tdemperature regulation. When used as an insulator, expanded polystyrene has been proven to offer excellent long-term thermal performance, thereby establishing its superiority over other cores.


Clean Rooms Plus Solutions for BIOTECHNOLOGY
The biotechnology field consists of a wide array of varied units: research and development laboratories, animal supply facilities, safety labs, bio-exclusion zones and production units. The challenge is that each one carries its own unique specifications for sterilization. Clean Rooms Plus has the experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results, no matter the challenge. We provide a completely customizable experience, from adjustable shelving to tailor-made ceilings and doors. We know that with ever-changing demands and fast-changing production standards comes the need to constantly alter your clean room environment. Our wall panels are simple to remove or replace as modifications in the industry demand, which makes adjusting the size, or even shape, of the room easy and cost-effective. Additionally, our proprietary T-bar ceiling grid is constructed of anodized aluminum for added durability and easy dismantling. That enables simple reassembly when project specifications change, while still maintaining the structural integrity of the original build. The T-bar system, with its patented rail locks, is strong enough to modify room layouts or install personalized lighting, diffusers or other necessary ceiling-mounted devices. Contact us today to discuss our many proprietary technology solutions and learn more about our customized service experience.


Our clean room systems are completely customizable and can be designed to suit any facility or meet any sanitary production requirement, no matter how complex.


In the not so distant past, medical cannabis was often grown in unsanitary and hazardous environments, with no standards in place to reinforce quality, integrity, and hygienic growing conditions. But more recently with the legalization of medical—and impending legalization of recreational—marijuana, the sector has been transformed by new government-mandated production standards and the many sanitary safeguards established by the pharmaceutical industry. In revising antiquated systems to more closely adhere to current pharmaceutical practices, clean rooms have become a critical piece of the cannabis-production puzzle, helping to deliver exceptional results with every yield.

With more than 20 years of experience in the supply and construction of clean rooms, we understand the many challenges that can emerge when growing environmentally-sensitive products. One major dilemma in marijuana cultivation, for example, is fungal growth due to the humidity involved during the growing process. That’s why Clean Rooms Plus offers a wide variety of wall panels in Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), with an assortment of cores. Optimized for any room that demands regular or thorough cleaning and is frequently subjected to moisture, our FRP panels—which feature an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core—are a winning solution.

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STERILE ENVIRONMENTS FOR robotics and electronics industry

At the other end of the spectrum, the robotics and electronics industry is dependent on clean rooms because the manufacturing of many high-tech products requires a controlled environment free of dirt and dust. Certain instruments, such as microchips and medical or military equipment, must be sterile, not only to meet regulations, but in some cases to function correctly. To ensure full sterility, our walls are not only water resistant, but feature a positive seal upon installation. Additionally, our doors and windows maintain a uniform thickness, corresponding with our wall systems, to provide an accurate fit.

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If required, we can provide architectural drawings for all of your projects. Your team will have the opportunity to review and approve all plans during the design phase, then adjust designs as necessary during installation.